Data protection fast
and easy

Worried about personal data processing and GDPR? Need to check privacy risks? Privatry will help you become compliant with data processing rules.

What are the Privatry features?

  • Mapping of processing activities

    Thanks to our unique tool with detailed help and explanations you will easily map and record your processing operations in line with the GDPR requirements.

  • GDPR compliance checklist

    A well-tested GDPR compliance checklist will ensure that no obligation or requirement is ommited.

  • Documentation

    Privatry offers you a set of necessary data protection documents (internal policies, templates of privacy notices and data processing agreements, legitimate interests assessment methodology and more).

  • Data protection risks assessment

    Privatry contains its own assessment of risks and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) form which will assist you with the evaluation of the risks and safeguards connected with selected processing operations. This will help you fulfill your GDPR duties and avoid potential penalties.

Our mission

We are looking for ways that make sense, help solve practical problems and at the same time are compliant with all legal requirements. Our clients prove that this is a right path:

    In cooperation with: Advokátní kancelář Herešová & Růžička

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